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Arabic Dates & Honey

Mini Bar Box Stuffed Dates 36g
Mini Bar Box Stuffed Dates 36g AED 6.30
AED 6.01
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Mini Bar Box Stuffed Dates 36g AED 6.30
AED 6.01
Mini Bar Box Plain Dates 36g
Mini Bar Box Plain Dates 36g AED 5.25
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Mini Bar Box Plain Dates 36g AED 5.25
AED 5.01
Mini Bar Box Chocolates Almond 36g
Mini Bar Box Chocolates Almond 36g AED 6.30
AED 6.01
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Mini Bar Box Chocolates Almond 36g AED 6.30
AED 6.01
Mini Bar box AJWA Dates 30g
Mini Bar box AJWA Dates 30g AED 8.40
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Mini Bar box AJWA Dates 30g AED 8.40
AED 8.01
Dates Jam plain 300g
Dates Jam plain 300g AED 32.01
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Dates Jam plain 300g AED 32.01